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Formed In : 2000
Origin : Malta
Genre(s) : Brutal Death Metal/ Grindcore
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Current line-up
Nicky Farrugia - Vocals
Gordon Formosa - Vocals
David Depasquale - Guitar (Canniria)
Ben Aquilina - Bass
Wayne Vella - Drums


Reissue on Brutal Bands March 31, 2005
with a live bonus:
6. Stench of Disembowelment 3:48

[Kill the cover]
Incised Wound Suicide [EP] 2004
Incised Wound Suicide


David "Parker" Bugejja (ex-Beheaded) did additional musical contributions on
track 7.

Engineered by David Vella at Temple Studios.
Cover artwork by Tony Koehl.
Full-length, Brutal Bands
February 28th, 2006

[Kill the Cover]
Epoch of Methodic Carnage [2006]
Epoch of Methodic Carnage


Recorded and mixed in February 2008 at SpineSplatter Recording Studio, Naxxar,
Produced by Abysmal Torment
Mixed and Mastered by David Depasquale
All Music by Abysmal Torment
All Lyrics by Gordon Formosa
Published by Brutal Bands
Cover Artwork by Phil Fensterer
Cover layout and manipulation by Nick Farrugia & Max Vessalio

Full-length, Brutal Bands
April 27th, 2009

[Kill the Cover]
Omnicide [2009]

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SHAMAN (Bra) - Discography

Progressive / Power metal

Current line-up :

Thiago Bianchi - Vocals (2006-) (Karma (Bra))
Léo Mancini - Guitars (2006-) (Tempestt, Sunsarah, Wizards (Bra))
Fernando Quesada - Bass (2006-) (Wizards (Bra))
Ricardo Confessori - Drums (2000-) (Angra, Garcia & Garcia, Bittencourt Project (Guest), Korzus, Ravenland)

Former/past member(s) :

- Andre Matos (2000-2006) (Viper (Bra), Angra, Looking-Glass-Self, Virgo (Matos/Paeth), Holy Sagga, Avantasia, Aina, HDK)

- Hugo Mariutti (2000-2006) (Henceforth, Wardeath, Andre Matos)

- Luis Eduardo Mariutti (2000-2006) (Angra, Henceforth, Andre Matos, Firebox)
- Tito Falaschi (2006) (Wizards (Bra), Almah, Symbols, Karma (Bra), Illustria, Gravekeeper, Starlight)

The band was formed by three ex-members of Angra, Andre Matos, Luis Mariutti and Ricardo Confessori, with Luis' brother Hugo as the guitarist.

Assumed to have split up in late 2006 after the departure of Matos and the Mariutti brothers, but Ricardo Confessori carried on with a new line-up.

The band name was briefly changed to Shaaman in 2005 but by the time the next album was released the extra 'a' had been dropped again.

Birth dates:
Ricardo Confessori (25th January 1969, São Paulo, Brazil)
André Coelho Matos (14th September 1971, São Paulo, Brazil)
Hugo Mariutti (18th December 1975, São Paulo, Brazil)
Luís Mariutti (22nd March 1971, São Paulo, Brazil)



SHAMAN (Bra) - 2002 - Ritual
Full-length, Universal Music
August 2nd, 2002

Guests musicians:

Marcus Viana - Violin on Over You Head
Sascha Paeth - guitars on Pride.
Tobias Sammet - second vocal on Pride.

Ancient Winds was made by Miro.

SHAMAN (Bra) - 2003 - Ritualive
Live album, Universal

Special guests:

Marcus Viana - Violin
Tobias Sammet - Vocals (Edguy, Avantasia)
Andi Deris - Vocals (Helloween)
Sascha Paeth - Guitars (Aina, Heavens Gate, Virgo)
Michael Weikath - Guitars (Helloween)

SHAMAN (Bra) - 2005 - Reason
Full-length, AFM Music
May 23rd, 2005

André Matos - vocals, keyboards
Hugo Mariutti - guitars
Luis Mariutti - bass
Ricardo Confessori - drums
Fabio Ribeiro - keyboards (as guest)
Leandro Ricardo - classic piano (as guest)

Released by Deck tape records

SHAMAN (Bra) - 2007 - Immortal
Full-length, AFM Records
November 2007


Thiago Bianchi - Vocals
Léo Mancini - Guitars
Fernando Quesada - Bass
Ricardo Confessori - Drums

FRETERNIA (Sweden) Discography

Power Metal

Current line-up :

Pasi Humppi - Vocals (IronWare, Ablaze (Swe), Cromonic)
Niclas Karlsson - Guitar (Zonata, Fierce Conviction, Crystal Eyes)
Tomas Wäppling - Guitar (Cromonic)
Peter Wiberg - Bass (IronWare)
Tommie Johansson - Keyboards
Martin Tilander - Drums (Fierce Conviction, Crystal Eyes, Soul Source)

Former/past member(s) :

Patrik (Lund) von Porat (1998-2000) (Cromonic)
Bo Pettersson (1998-1999) (Cromonic)
Mikael Bakajev (1999-2001)
Andreas Heleander (2000-2001)

Stefan Svantesson (1998-2002) (Crystal Eyes)



FRETERNIA (Sweden) - 2000 - Warchants & Fairytales
Full-length, Loud N' Proud Records

Released as LNP 013
Tomas Wäppling: bass
Pasi Humppi: vocals
Stefan Svantesson: drums
Mikael Bakajev: guitar
Patrik Lund: guitar
Tommie Johansson: keyboards

FRETERNIA (Sweden) - 2002 - A Nightmare Story
Full-length, Arise
October 14th, 2002


Pasi Humppi: Lead vocals
Tomas Wäppling: Guitars
Martin Tilander: Drums
Tommie Johansson: Keyboard
Peter Wiberg:Bass

all music & lyrics by FRETERNIA

HEAVENLY (Fra) Discography

Power Metal

Current line-up :

Ben Sotto - Vocals, Keyboards
Charley Corbiaux - Guitar (Memoria (Fra))
Olivier Lapauze - Guitar
Matthieu Gervreau Plana - Bass (Asmodee, L'Ombre du Saccage, Warattah, Sael)
Pierre-Emmanuel "Piwee" Desfray - Drums (Fairyland)

Former/past member(s) :

Frederic Leclercq (DragonForce, Carnival in Coal, Maladaptive, Memoria (Fra), Denied (Fra))
Anthony Parker (Fairyland)
Chris Savourey (Northwind (Fra), Karelia)

Pierre-Emmanuel Pellison (Civilization One, Maladaptive, Northwind (Fra))

Maxence Pilo (Maladaptive)
Thomas Das Neves (Your Shapeless Beauty, Elvaron)

Paris based Heavenly was founded during 1994 by vocalist Ben Sotto and drummer Maxence Pilo, originally as a cover band dubiously entitled Satan's Lawyer. With the evolution into Heavenly came guitarist Anthony Parker and the ensuing three track demo session. These recordings were soon snapped up by the German Noise label but not before Parker made his exit.

Birth dates:
Ben Sotto (22nd September 1980, Les Lilas, France)
Charley Corbiaux (10th April 1978, Mézières, France)
Olivier Lapauze (20th March 1983, Longjumeau, France)
Matthieu Plana (17th January 1978, Bordeaux, France)
Thomas Das Neves (16th May 1982, Rambouillet, France)
Frédéric Leclercq (23rd June 1978, France)



HEAVENLY (Fra) - 2000 - Coming from the Sky
Full-length, Noise Records
July 25th, 2000

line up:
Benjamin Sotto - vocals , keyboards
Chris Savourey - guitar
Laurent Jean - bas
Maxence Pilo - drums

Piet Sielck and Kai Hansen did some guest vocals on "Time Machine"
Piet Sielck also played lead guitar on "Our Only Chance", "Until I Die", "Number
One" and "Time Machine".
Thomas Nack arranged and performed the drums on the entire album.
Jan S. Eckert and Piet Sielck did all the backing vocals.

HEAVENLY (Fra) - 2001 - Sign of the Winner
Full-length, Noise Records
September 24th, 2001

Recorded at Sound of the Winner Studio. Co-Produced by Tommy Hansen.
The Japanese version contains a bonus track "Lonely Tears".
Alex Beyrodt of "Silent Force" played lead guitar on "Condemned to Die" and "The

HEAVENLY (Fra) - 2004 - Dust to Dust
Full-length, Sanctuary/Noise Records
January 12th, 2004

Chapter I: Tracks 1-4
Chapter II: Tracks 5-9
Chapter III: Tracks 10-13

The Japanese edition of the album will include as a bonus track the song "...
Dust to Dust" sung in Japanese.

HEAVENLY (Fra) - 2006 - Virus
Full-length, XIII BIS Records / Sony-BMG
November 13th, 2006

Tanja (Lullacry) on "When the Rain begins to Fall"
Kevin Codfert (Adagio) on "Bravery in the Field"
Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica) on "Wasted Time"

The song When the Rain Begins to Fall is a cover, originally sang by Jermaine
Jackson & Pia Zadora.

HEAVENLY (Fra) - 2009 - Carpe Diem
Full-length, AFM Records
December 18th, 2009


Benjamin Sotto - Vocals
Charley Corbiaux - Guitar
Matthieu Plana - Bass
Olivier Lapauze - Guitar
Thomas Das Neves - Drums

All songs written/composed by Benjamin Sotto.