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NAILBOMB (Bra) Discography

Industrial Thrash Metal

Max Cavalera - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Samples (Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Guerrilha)
Alex Newport - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Samples (Fudge Tunnel, Theory of Ruin)

Dave Edwardson - Bass, Vocal (Neurosis (USA), Sacrilege B.C., Tribes of Neurot, Jesus Fucking Christ, guest in High Tone Son of a Bitch, Noisegate, I Am Spoonbender)

Nailbomb was only supposed to be a side project for Max Cavalera and Alex Newport and consequently they split up after their only live gig at the Dynamo festival in 1995 where the album "Proud to commit..." was recorded.

Max Cavalera is from Belo Horizonte and Alex Newport originally was from Nottingham, England. They now both reside in Phoenix, Arizona.



NAILBOMB (Bra) - 1994 - Point Blank
Full-length, Roadrunner
March 8th, 1994

Produced by Alex Newport.
Recorded at Chaton Studios, Scottsdale, AZ, and Theresa's Catholic Bedroom,
Pheonix, AZ.
Engineered at Chaton by The Invaluable Otto (Rusty) D'Agnolo.
Mastered by Eddy Schereyer at Future Disc, Hollywood, CA.

Line-up :
Max Cavalera - Insults, Guitar, Bass, Goner, Samples
Alex Newport - Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Negativity, Samples.
Lead guitar on tracks 2, 9, 11 by Andreas Kisser.
Drums on tracks 1, 5, 7, 10, 12, 13 by Igor Cavalera.
Guitar on track 3 by Dino Cazares.
Extra guitar noise by Ritche Bujnowski (Wicked Death).

Re-master was released on Febuary 24, 2004 with liner notes and extra tracks:
14. While You Sleep, I Destroy Your World
15. Zero Tolerance
16. Wasting Away [Live]
17. Guerillas [Live]
18. Cockroaches [Live]
19. Police Truck [Live]

NAILBOMB (Bra) - 1995 - Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide
Live album, Roadrunner
October 24th, 1995

Live tracks recorded at Dynamo Festival 1995. The final two tracks are studio

Max Cavalera : Guitar, Vocals (left speaker)
Alex Newport - Guitar, Vocals (right speaker)

Guest musicians:
Igor Cavalera - Drums on 1, 2, 3, 10 & 11
Ritchie Bujnowski - Guitar on 3
Barry Schneider - Drums on 4, 5 & 6
DH Peligro - Drums on 7, 8 & 9
Scoot Doom - Bass, Vocals on 8
Evan Seinfeld - Bass, Vocals on 11

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GORGUTS (Can) Discography

Technical/Avant-garde Death Metal

Luc Lemay - Vocals, guitar (Negativa)
Kevin Hufnagel - Guitar (Dysrhythmia, While Heaven Wept, Byla, Euclid Street, The Fifth Season, Grey Division Blue)
Colin Marston - Bass (Dysrhythmia, Behold... The Arctopus, Byla, Krallice, Indricothere, Infidel?/Castro!)
John Longstreth - Drums (Dim Mak, Origin (USA), The Red Chord, Skinless (USA), Possession (USA), Angelcorpse)

Luc Lemay resurrected Gorguts under the advice of Negativa bandmate Steeve Hurdle, when it was decided that Negativa would move in a different direction, rather than being a continuation of the Gorguts sound. An instrumental demo of one of the new songs, consisting of Lemay playing the rhythm guitar part over a click track was leaked onto the internet in December of 2008, after which Lemay confirmed that Gorguts had indeed been reformed.

Drummer Steve MacDonald reportedly hung himself sometime during the 3rd week of October 2002, after battling depression the last few years.

There were plans on behalf of Displeased Records to have the bands' first two releases reissued in 2007, but those plans soon fell through.



GORGUTS (Can) - 1991 - Considered Dead
Full-length, Roadrunner
October 8th, 1991

Luc Lemay - Vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar
Sylvain Marcoux - Lead guitar
Eric Giguere - Bass
Stephane Provencher - Drums

James Murphy - Guest solo on "Inoculated Life"
Chris Barnes (Cannibal Corpse) - Guest background vocals on "Bodily Corrupted",
"Rottenatomy" and "Hematological Allergy"

Produced by Scott Burns and Gorguts
Engineered and mixed by Scott Burns
Recorded and mixed at Morrisound Studios, Tampla, Florida
Mastered by Michael Sarsfield at Frankford / Wayne, New York, NY

Cover illustration by Dan SeaGrave
Cover concept and logo by Luc Lemay
Photo by Jean-Pierre Dubois
Art direction by Patricia Mooney

Re-released in 2004 by Roadrunner along with "The Erosion Of Sanity" on a
single CD.

Re-released in 2006 by Metal Mind Prod. as a digipak (lim. to 2000 pieces) with
two bonus demo tracks:
11.Considered Dead

GORGUTS (Can) - 1993 - The Erosion of Sanity
Full-length, Roadrunner
January 19th, 1993

Was re-released in 2004 by Roadrunner along with "Considered Dead" on a single

Re-released again in 2006 by Metal Mind Prod. as a digipak (lim. to 2000 pieces)
with 2 bonus demo tracks:
9.A Path Beyond Premonition
10.Disecting the Adopted (later renamed "Orphans of Sickness")

Line up:
Luc Lemay - vocals, guitar
Sylvain Marcoux - guitar
Eric Giguere - bass
Stephane Provencher - drums

GORGUTS (Can) - 1998 - Obscura
Full-length, Olympic

Luc Lemay : Guitars, vocals
Steeve Hurdle : Guitars, vocals
Steve Cloutier : Bass
Patrick Robert : Drums

GORGUTS (Can) - 2001 - From Wisdom To Hate
Full-length, Olympic
March 6th, 2001

Line Up:
Steve Cloutier - bass
Luc Lemay - guitar, vocals
Steve Macdonald - drums
Daniel Mongrain - guitar

Intro for "The Quest For Equilibrium" by Luc Lemay.

LUST OF DECAY (US)- 2006 - Purity Through Dismemberment


LUST OF DECAY (US)- 2006 - Purity Through Dismemberment
Full-length, Comatose Music
January 10th, 2006

Recorded at Columbia, SC’s Soundlab Studios, by Bob Moore (the same engineer &
studio that Nile have used for all their albums.)

Jay Barnes - vocals
Steve Green - guitar
Joe Payne - bass
Jordan Varela - drums

LUST OF DECAY (US)- 2004 - Kingdom of Corpses

Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore

Current Line Up :

Jay Barnes - Vocals (Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement, Cesspool of Vermin)
Steve Green - Guitar (Atrocious Abnormality)

Former / Past Member :

Guitar :
James Sain (Fat Tortoise Butcher)
Pete Stroupe (Mysteriarch)
Ryan Manino

Bass :
Robert McFarland
Derek Haymore (Winters Dying Breath, Cesspool of Vermin, Rupture Christ)
Joe Payne (Divine Heresy, Lecherous Nocturne, Domination Through Impurity)

Drums :
Jordan Varela (Domination Through Impurity, Lividity, Debodified, Carcinogenic, Epic of Empyrea, Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement, Cesspool of Vermin, Symphony in Acrimony)
Brent Williams (Putrilage, Atrocious Abnormality)

Steve Green also runs Comatose Music.


LUST OF DECAY (US) - 2004 - Kingdom of Corpses
Full-length, Comatose Music

Jay Barnes - Vocals
Steve Green - Guitar
Joe Payne - Bass
Jordan Varela - Drums

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BOLT THROWER (UK) Discography

Death Metal

Karl Willetts - Vocals (1987-1994, 1997-1998, 2004-) (Doom)
Barry Thompson - Guitar (1986-)
Gavin Ward - Guitar (1986- (Bass 1986-1987))
Jo-Anne Bench - Bass (1987-)
Martin "Kiddie" Kearns - Drums (1994-1997, 1999-)

Plans for a follow-up to "Those Once Loyal" were scrapped in June 2008 after the band were disatisfied with the material they had written. In a statement, they said that they would not release any album unless they were convinced it was at least on a par with its predecessor, and as result any plans to record were "postponed indefinitely."

Despite this, Bolt Thrower are still actively touring.

The band takes its name from a weapon in the popular tabletop strategy game Warhammer Fantasy Battles. The lyrics and artwork of their second and third albums were based on Warhammer Fantasy Battles, as well as its futuristic companion Warhammer 40,000 with much of the art actually being provided by the game's publisher, Games Workshop.

Jo Bench is generally considered to be among the earliest female members of an extreme metal band.



BOLT THROWER (UK) - 1988 - In Battle There Is No Law
Full-length, Vinyl Solution
June 12th, 1988

Karl Willetts - vocals
Baz Thompson - guitar
Gavin Ward - guitar
Jo Bench - bass
Andrew Whale - drums

Recorded at Loco Studios, Wales in 1988. Engineered and produced by Andy Fryer.
Remixed at Clockwork by Alan Scott. Sleeve by Paul McHale.

Released in America on Silent Scream Recordings. Reissued on CD by Vinyl
Solution in 1992.

"Blind to Defeat" is not listed on the vinyl sleeve, but it does appear on the

BOLT THROWER (UK) - 1989 - Realm of Chaos
Full-length, Earache
October 1989

Line-up :
Karl Willets - Vocals
Gavin Ward - Guitar
Jo Bench - Bass
Barry Thomson - Guitar
Andy Whale - Drums

-Recorded in April at Loco Studios, engineered by Tim Lewis. Mixed in July at
Slaughterhause, engineered by Colin Richardson.
-Produced by Bolt Thrower and Dig
-Artwork inspired of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K.
Art director John Blanche, graphic design Dave Lund. Front cover artwork John
Sibbick, Genestealer artwork Kevin Walker, photographs by Andy Jones.

-The original LP version had a gatefold sleeve + an huge booklet. Later
pressings did not, but included an insert. Also released on limited edition
coloured vinyl and picture-disc.

-Reissued in 1995

-Reissued in 2005 by Earache with Alternate artwork, the band highly condemns
this version and asked fans to boycott this particular version

BOLT THROWER (UK) - 1991 - Warmaster
Full-length, Earache
July 1st, 1991

Line-up :
Gavin Ward - Guitar
Andy Whale - Drums
Karl Willetts - Vocals
Jo Bench - Bass
Barry Thompson - Guitar

Recorded and produced by Bolt Thrower and Colin Richardson at Slaughterhouse
Studios, September 1990

Photography by Luton Sinfield
Artwork and design by Pete Knifton & Ian Cooke at Maxjo Graphics

Track 5 is a CD bonus track

Notable for being the last recording at Slaughterhouse Studios, which was
destroyed in a fire.

BOLT THROWER (UK) - 1992 - The IVth Crusade
Full-length, Earache Records
September 2nd, 1992

Line-up :

Karl Willets - Vocals
Jo Bench - Bass
Gavin Ward - Guitar
Barry Thomson - Guitar
Andy Whale - Drums

Recorded at Sawmills Studio, Cornwall, August 1992
Recording Engineer: John Cornfield
Mixed at Fon Studios, Sheffield, September 1992
Mixeing engineers: Alan Fisch and Steve Harris
Produced by Colin Richardson and Bolt Thrower
Front cover "Entry of the Crusaders Into Constantinople" painted by Delacroix in

The U.S. reissue includes "Crown Of Life" and "Lament" as bonus tracks.
Some versions of the US reissue had these songs printed on the back, but not
pressed on the CD

BOLT THROWER (UK) - 1994 - ...For Victory
Full-length, Earache Records
January 24th, 1994

Line-up :
Karl Willetts - Vocals
Baz Thomson - Rhythm / Lead Guitar
Gavin Ward - Rhythm Guitar
Jo Bench - Bass Guitar
Andy Whale - Drums

Limited 2-CD edition includes a bonus live disc "Live War" (Recorded in
Manchester 1992):
1. The IVth Crusade (4:46)
2. Dying Creed (4:36)
3. Spearhead (6:30)
4. Unleashed (5:24)
5. Ritual (4:32)
6. Where Next To Conquer (3:54)
7. War Master (4:29)
8. As The World Burns (6:48)
9. Cenotaph (5:03)

The 2007 Reissue is a double disc featuring Live War.

The cover photo shows the marching British infantrymen during the Falkland
conflict between Great Britain and Argentina in 1982.

BOLT THROWER (UK) - 1998 - Mercenary
Full-length, Metal Blade Records
November 10th, 1998

Line-up :

Baz Thomson - Rhythm / lead guitar
Gavin Ward - Rhythm guitar
Jo Bench - Bass guitar
Alex Thomas - Drums
Karl Willetts - Vocals

Recorded and mixed at Chapel Studios, Lincoln, England, Dec. '97 - Jan. '98
Produced by Bolt Thrower and Ewan Davies
All songs engineered by Ewan Davies except "Powder Burns" engineered by James
(Jim 90) Anderson

Front cover - sketch for "Contact, wait out" by Peter Archer
Eye motif by Jan Meininghaus
Chaos skull by Paul McHale

The limited edition digipack has 25 tracks, 10-24 are about 10 seconds of
silence each. Track # 25 Infiltrator (4:47).

BOLT THROWER (UK) - 2001 - Honour Valour Pride
Full-length, Metal Blade Records
November 14th, 2001

Line-up :

Dave Ingram [vocals]
Barry Thomson [guitar]
Gavin Ward [guitar]
Jo Bench [bass]
Martin Kearns [drums]

Recorded & Mixed at Sable Rose Studio, UK June-September 2001.
Engineered by Andy Faulkner.
Produced by Bolt Thrower & Andy Faulkner.
Released on Metal Blade Records in 2001.
Sleeve by Jan Meininghaus.

The limited edition digipack includes the bonus track "Covert Ascension" (4:50).

Part 1

Part 2

BOLT THROWER (UK) - 2005 - Those Once Loyal
Full-length, Metal Blade Records
November 14th, 2005

Line-up :

Karl Willetts - Vocals
Jo-Anne Bench - Bass
Martin "Kiddie" Kearns - Drums
Barry Thompson - Guitar
Gavin Ward - Guitar

German release date: November 11th.

Recorded at Andy Faulkner's Sable Rose studios.

Limited editions digipack and Gatefold LP version features the bonus track "A
Symbol of Eight" (4:10).

Sorry DuLur²...untuk EP ama The Best ALbumnya bLom aku apLot..hehhe..soaLnya ini tadi si keciL ngikut ke warnet..hehhe..gak nyantai dah jadinya...

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ANAL BLAST (US) Discography

Grindcore/Death Metal

Last known line-up :

Don "Lord Stomache" Decker (Donald Shawn Decker) - Vocals (R.I.P. September 11, 1968 - October 11, 2009)
Aaron "The Bleeding Head" Whitesides - Guitar (Wrath)
Erick Lieder - Guitar (Infernaeon, Face of Ruin, Underthreat)

Anal Blast booked Cradle of Filth's first U.S. show.


ANAL BLAST (US) - 1998- Vaginal Vempire
Full-length, Nightfall / Terrorizer Records

Re-released in 2003 as a 2 disc set, the 2nd disc being the Puss Blood Pentagram
demo. Re-issue also has a 16 page color booklet which includes some lyrics.

ANAL BLAST (US) - 2004 - Battered Bleeding Bitch
Full-length, Nightfall Records
June 2004

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DEADBORN (Ger) - 2007 - Stigma Eternal

Death Metal

Mario Petrović - Vocals (Necrophagist)
Jo Morath - Guitars
Jan Maier - Bass
Slavek Foltyn - Drums (Necrophagist)

Band dari ex-NECROPHAGIST (Udah..gak Layak di debatin Lagi..^^)


DEADBORN (Ger) - 2007 - Stigma Eternal
Full-length, Massacre Records
October 19th, 2007

tr. 9 from 2004 (EP) - remastered.
CD also contains 2 video bonuses:
01. Thorns Of Inner Fear
02. Pain Is God

FUNERAL INCEPTION (Indo) - 2002 - Anthems Of Disenchantment

Brutal Death Metal

Current line-up :

Ronnie - Bass
Doni - Vocals
Helldevy - Guitar
Iwan - Guitar
AA - Drums


FUNERAL INCEPTION (Indo) - 2002 - Anthems Of Disenchantment
Full-length, Warpath Records

line-up :
Doni - Vocals
Mithos - Bass (Bloody Gore)
Rio - Guitar (Disinfected, Bloody Gore)
Pandi Gebes - Drums (Siksakubur, Sadistis, Eternal Madness)

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DISINFECTED (Indo) Discography

Death Metal/Grindcore

Current line-up :

Rio - Guitar (Bloody Gore, Funeral Inception)
Adyth - Guitar (Rotten Corpse (Idn))
Upik - Guitar
Amenk - Vocals
Andris - Drums
Sigit - Bass

Born from Rotten Corpse (Idn).

Other release:
Split DVD on Rottrevore recs with Forgotten (Idn), Siksakubur & Jasad ("Rottrevore Death Fest ", 2006)



DISINFECTED (Indo) - 2001 - Melted
Full-length, Extreme Souls Production

Adyth - Guitar
Upik - Guitar
Amenk - Vocals
Andris - Drums
Sigit - Bass

DISINFECTED (Indo) - 2005 - Aku Akan Bunuh Kamu EP
EP, Rottrevore Records

Rio - Guitar
Upik - Guitar
Amenk - Vocals
Andris - Drums
Sigit - Bass

BRUTALITY (US) Discography

Death Metal

Last known line-up:

Jeff Acres - Bass/Vocals
Demian Heftel - Guitar (Astaroth (USA), Contorted, After Death (USA), Nocturnus, Destined To Ruin)
Scott Reigel - Vocals
Jay Fernandez - Guitar (Monstrosity (USA))
Angelo Duca - Drums (Contorted, The Third Collision, Destined To Ruin)

Brutality reformed twice after the initial split. The first time Brutality's record deal with Still Dead Productions fell through in early 2005 and as a result, the band split up in April 2005. The band resurfaced once again in early 2008 but never played shows or recorded. The band now seems to be finally put to rest permanently.



BRUTALITY (US) - 1993 - Screams of Anguish
Full-length, Nuclear Blast

Scott Reigel - Lead Vocals
Jeff Acres - Vocals & Bass
Don Gates - Guitar
Jay Fernandez - Guitar
Jim Coker - Drums

Recorded at Morrisound Studios Dec 1992
Produced by Jim Morris & BRUTALITY
Engineered and Mixed by Jim Morris
Remixed March 1993.

Also released on yellow vinyl. CD re-release by Metal Mind Prod.: Europe May 19,
2008; USA: July 8, 2008. Limited to 2000 24-bit remastered golden discs. Bonus
11. Sadistic

BRUTALITY (US) - 1994 - When The Sky Turns Black
Full-length, Nuclear Blast
July 1994

Jeff Acres - Bass and vocals
Don Gates - Lead guitar
Scott Reigel - Lead vocals
Bryan Hipp - Lead guitar
Jim Coker - Drums

Recorded at Morrisound Studios, July '94
Produced by Jim Morris and Brutality
Engineered by Jim Morris

All photography by Tim Hubbard
Cover art by Michael Stansfield

The Japanese edition features a bonus track:
11. Cryptorium (Remix)

CD re-release by Metal Mind Prod.: Europe May 19, 2008; USA: July 8, 2008.
Limited to 2000 24-bit remastered golden discs. Bonus track:
11. Cryptorium (demo version)

BRUTALITY (US) - 1996 - In Mourning
Full-length, Nuclear Blast

CD NB 146-2. The first pressing came with a (clear) orange jewelcase.
Recorded Feb/Mar 1996 at Morrisound Studio. Produced by Jim Morris & Brutality.

Scott Reigel - Lead Vocals
Jeff Acres - Bass & Vocals
Dana Walsh - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Jim Coker - Drums
Guest Solos on "The Past" & "Subjected to Torture" by Jerry "Outlaw".
Pete Sykes is credited on the back of the album for rhythm guitar, but did not
participate in the recording process.

CD re-release by Metal Mind Prod.: Europe May 19, 2008; USA: July 8, 2008.
Limited to 2000 24-bit remastered golden discs. Bonus track:
10. Certain Annihilation

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BEHEADED (Malta) Discography

Brutal Death Metal

Frank Calleja - Vocals
Omar Grech - Guitars (Slit)
David Cachia - Bass, Screams (Biblical Infamy)
Chris Brincat - Drums

Beheaded signed to Unique Leader after they decided to terminate their deal with Mighty Music and look for better conditions with a different label. They recorded a two-track promo which caught the attention of the US label, and led to the band signing to them in August 2004.

Despite rumors of splitting up in 2007, the band is still active.



BEHEADED (Malta) - 1995 - Souldead (Demo)
Demo, Independent

BEHEADED (Malta) - 1998 - Perpetual Mockery
Full-length, X-treme Records

Released as X - TR 004
Chris Brincat-Drums
David Cachia-Bass & Backing Vocals
Omar Grech-Guitars
David Bugeja-Guitars
Marcel Scalpello-Vocals

Produced by BEHEADED & David T. Vella
Engineered by David T. Vella & Howard Keith
Recorded & Mixed at Temple Studios between July 1st & 20th 1996

BEHEADED (Malta) - 2000 - Resurgence of Oblivion
EP, Mighty Music

Chris Brincat-Drums
David Cachia-Bass & Backing Vocals
Omar Grech-Guitars
David Bugeja-Guitars
Lawrence Joyce-Vocals

Recorded & Mixed at Temple Studios
Engineered by David Vella
Produced by BEHEADED & David Vella

Released in the US by Forever Underground.

BEHEADED (Malta) - 2002 - Recounts of Disembodiment
Full-length, Mighty Music

Chris Brincat-Drums
David Cachia-Bass & Backing Vocals
Omar Grech-Guitars
David Bugeja-Guitars
Lawrence Joyce-Vocals

Recorded and mixed at Temple Studios in June 2001.
Engineered by David Vella
Produced by BEHEADED & David Vella

Licensed to Forever Underground for American Release

BEHEADED (Malta) - 2005 - Ominous Bloodline
Full-length, Unique Leader Records
March 4th, 2005

Chris Brincat-Drums
David Cachia-Bass & Backing Vocals
Omar Grech-Guitars
Chris Mintoff-Guitars
Melchior Borg-Vocals

Recorded at Temple Studios, July/Aug 2004
Engineered by David Vella
Produced by BEHEADED & David Vella
Mastered by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering